Godaddy Issues


Last week I did a release of Unspoiled nodes out into the wild.  I was happy with where the site was so I posted a link on Reddit with the page.  I got alot of positive feedback but there was also a problem showing up…

My entire page was wrapped in frames.  Weird I didn’t put frames in it anywhere.  I hate frames so I never use them.  I spent a few hours looking into it.  I couldnt find where they were coming from.  Finally a friend keyed me in on the problem.  GoDaddy (who I used as registrar) was wrapping my page in a frame when the DNS request came in.  I found out there was a way to remove it but opted instead to just go whole hog.  The site was transferred in its entirety DNS / Nameserver / EVERYTHING to Amazon aws.   It took about 4 hours for the domain transfer but its all over now.


Im liking AWS so far its giving me alot of tools that are easy to use.  Not to mention their help section is AWESOME

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