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A little about me this go.

I am a 30-something married guy living in the deep south.  I met my future wife in college in Americas Oldest City,  we were both northerners at the time and came south for school.  After we graduated we moved north a bit to Atlanta.  We moved around the city a few times and eventually wound up buying a house to finally settle down.  Shortly after we adopted the lovely Holly, a retired racing greyhound that adorns the front page of this Blog.  I was managing at the time and my wife was a teacher.  In ’11 I connected with the owner of a startup and he brought me on board in late ’12 to help get his company off the ground.  Its been a crazy ride but there is no other employment like working in start-up’s.  In April ’15 we welcomed our daughter into the world joining our small family I wont mention her much in this blog as we have a separate one for her.

I am and always have been a gamer at heart.  Alot of the projects I work on center around that.   I also enjoy woodworking and cosplay, me and my wife attend Dragon*Con each year.  I have recently taken up hiking and am working myself back up to strength after a series of medical issues.  I like to keep busy and rarely just sit.  Even when i’m playing games I usually have something else open on my computer working on that.   My unspoiled nodes site for instance was built while playing the game that I was building it for.

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