The Hardware


I have always been a computer guy.  I grew up with an old 386 and my father always tried to keep us up to date with the most modern equipment.  In my college years I fell out of sorts and only used computers for projects and such.  Once I moved after college I started getting back into it.

I bought my first Pre-Made system when I got to GA it was an Going Out of Business special Sony Vaio.  It was an OK machine as far as pre-built’s go.  It lasted me only about 6 months when we moved to a house it got jostled and never booted again.  I then decided to build my first computer.  We lived very close to a Microcenter so I shot over there and picked up the parts.   I wound up with a nVidia 5 Series Motherboard 4GB of Ram and a E6750 CPU.   I used my Viao’s case and PSU and got it up and running.  Over the next year I added and upgraded eventually getting a real case, PSU, and some new HDD’s.  I also got into Over-clocking around this time.  It was tinkering with Ram timings that I blew up my first motherboard,  luckily it was covered under warranty and they sent me a new MoBo!   A month later that board died from a known issue with the series.  By this time that series was almost dead anyway so the company sent me a next-gen board.   By now I was running a Q6600 and Sli graphics.

That build lasted me almost 6 years.  In ’14 I rebuilt from the ground up again.  I grabbed a Haswell CPU and new Motherboard and am now sitting with a very nice fast rig.   i7 4770k @ 4ghz, 16GB Ram, SSD, 2*GTX660 GPU’s.  Im on a break now and am hoping that this rig will last just as long as the last one!


All the spare parts didn’t go to waste however!  I built a Home Server with spares and leftovers.  Its currently Hosting this website, my daughters website, and all the content for our Media Center.

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