FFXIV Node {Project}


My latest project has to do with FFXIV – ARR.  I have played Final Fantasy games for over 20 years now and have enjoyed them immensely.  I am currently playing the latest MMO in that franchise FFXIV.

With the baby around it has become difficult to impossible to devote the time I used to to games like this,  I have come to enjoy different aspects of late.   In FFXIV that has been Gathering.  I recently capped out my character’s Disciples of the Land jobs and with it brings an interesting twist to gathering materials.   In this game certain materials spawn at certain times of day in game (Eorzea Time),  I was looking for a good tracker to see the next spawns and plan accordingly.  There are some great options out there Aryala’s Site and FFXIV Clock come to mind. However it was never really what I was looking for. So I built my own site and there’s a link to it in the header. It was the first time I built a site like that. I relied only on Notepad ++ and Google to get it done. It was my first foray into several fields.

  • 1 designed it totally in NotePad++ in the past I had used Dreamweaver
  • I used JavaScript and jQuery
  • I am Not hosting it! I finally have an outside host (Amazon AWS)
  • I actually tried to write it to proper standards
  • All in all I am very pleased with the progress made so far. There are still a few features I am looking to add but as it stands now It does EXACTLY what I want and nothing more!

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