Unspoiled Nodes Update

It feels weird calling it Unspoiled Nodes anymore.  (Glad I didnt buy that domain!)  I have added Fishing and now Levequest data to the website.  I am loving the modular approach I went with on this page.  Its shown me a bunch of different ways to do things and best practices.  The amount of data […]

Afternoon Project

        The Misses gave me a project this weekend.  She wanted e to build a small step-stool for our daughter to use.   Originally I planned on using an exotic wood but after seeing the prices and availability I went another direction.  While looking for the lumber I stumbled across inlays at […]

Unspoiled Nodes V2.0

HUZZAH!!!!   I finally was able to launch V2.0 of my Unspoiled Nodes site.  I made a lot of big sweeping changes.  Number 1 being that I used a  JSON file to pull in the tables instead of building the tables directly.   This is allowing me a lot more flexibility with Data Management.   […]

Godaddy Issues

Last week I did a release of Unspoiled nodes out into the wild.  I was happy with where the site was so I posted a link on Reddit with the page.  I got alot of positive feedback but there was also a problem showing up… My entire page was wrapped in frames.  Weird I didn’t […]

Unspoiled Nodes Update!

This weekend I launched the newest version of my Unspoiled Nodes Site.   It was the BIG Fishing update that I had wanted to do from the beginning.  It took a round trip flight to Seattle to get all the data in but its done!    A huge thanks to a buddy from work for […]

About Me

A little about me this go. I am a 30-something married guy living in the deep south.  I met my future wife in college in Americas Oldest City,  we were both northerners at the time and came south for school.  After we graduated we moved north a bit to Atlanta.  We moved around the city […]

The Hardware

I have always been a computer guy.  I grew up with an old 386 and my father always tried to keep us up to date with the most modern equipment.  In my college years I fell out of sorts and only used computers for projects and such.  Once I moved after college I started getting […]